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How to Do Kruger Right

Janine Mare | AFRICA GEOGRAPHIC   in 
September 6, 2014

So many people I know have visited South Africa’s Kruger National Park only to go home somehow feeling cheated and disappointed. Personally I think this is simply because they didn’t do Kruger right.

Some of the above mentioned folk refer to Kruger as a big zoo as your chance of seeing big game species is extremely high. Its true that you can see the Big 5 in one day, I know I have, but this “Wham Bam – Thank you Ma’am” approach to Kruger just doesn’t do it any justice. Booking a full day guided game drive is one way to ensure that you see all the ‘big hitters’ in one day and if you only have one or two days in the Kruger then this is an option. Personally this type of ‘bucket list’ viewing is not for me and I recommend that you take at least a week to explore the park.

If you don’t want to miss a thing then book one of these drives on your first day, tuck those sightings under your belt and then enjoy Kruger for what it really is.


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