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How Made-in-Lagos Car Defeated World Powers

Nurudeen Oyewole | Daily Trust   in  ยท
August 17, 2014

Lagos โ€” It might be unthinkable, yet it did happen. The University of Lagos community developed a racing car which beat many competitors at a global automobile competition

It is a racing car! It is one that may not be too common in this part of the world but was conceived, developed and put to test here and abroad. Known as Autonov II, the racing car is a brainchild of staff and students of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and has competed for, and gained fame on the global automobile stage.

Former Minister of Information, who is now Chairman, Governing Council of UNILAG, Prof. Jerry Gana was on a visit to the institution recently. And for the management, there could not have been a better time to showcase the school’s inherent potentials. In this regard, Autonov II, UNILAG’s latest exploit in science and technology came handy.


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