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How Listening Will Help You Succeed

Vusi Thembekwayo | Fin 24   in 
March 22, 2015

IS IT I or have we created a culture in South Africa where people learn not to understand, question, ponder and critique, but rather be able to recall later when required to.

It is almost as if critical thinking is no longer a business imperative.

So we start a business, develop a product, draft a strategy, hire a team, go to market and implement some accounting software to help us manage it; all often without paying attention to whether or not we have an in-built “listening and adaptive” culture in our businesses.

Time to remain relevant

Markets change. Consumers evolve. Competitors adapt. We have to be able to listen to these so that we can remain relevant.

This is not only difficult, but counter-intuitive for those seeking rationalisation, scale and efficiencies.

The very idea that we must be adaptive and ever-changing means that we can’t afford to build a set of competencies from which we simply plough down a certain market, blind to the change of the market and the players therein.


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