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How Ebola Infected Sierra Leone’s Music Industry

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February 23, 2015


The fight against Ebola has inspired countless musical tracks and videos across West Africa and beyond. But what impact has the virus had on the region’s music industry? To find out, Cinnatus Dumbaya caught up with Sierra Leone music star Jimmy B.

Ebola Deeply: How has Ebola affected Sierra Leone’s entertainment and creative industry?

Jimmy B: It has affected us in a very negative way. It has stifled our way of life and our livelihoods. Certainly festive seasons are usually the time for us to release new albums and play shows. Unfortunately, last season we could not do anything like that because of the outbreak. I would say this Ebola crisis has infringed every aspect of our lives. We are hoping and praying that it will be a thing of the past very soon.

As it is, right now, the industry is very much dormant as nothing is happening: no new album releases, no promotional tours and no sponsorships. People do not want to invest in something that won’t yield fruit.


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