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How a Nigerian Woman Built a Successful Fashion House Online

Ann Brown| AFK Insider   in  · ·
March 16, 2015

When Honey Ogundeyi founded Fashpa her mind was set out to create Nigeria’s leading online fashion retailer–and she did just that.
Ogundeyi didn’t know exactly what she was doing. Even after working for a decade as the top online marketer for several renowned tech giants, she still had doubts if she could be successful on her own.
Previously, she had worked as the Industry Manager at Google Nigeria, where she handled the commercial portfolio, strategy development, and online advertising execution. She also worked at communications tech giant Ericsson and at consulting multinational management consulting McKinsey & Company in Brussels and Johannesburg.
Today Ogundeyi, who graduated from the University of Birmingham in England, is a major player in…


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