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Here’s What 100 Years Of Hijabi Styles From Around Africa Looks Like

Buzzfeed   in 
June 16, 2016 recently released a video capturing 100 years of hijabi fashion from around Africa — including a shoutout to Black American hijabis.

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The video comes as the second part of MuslimGirl’s new series, 100 Years of Hijabi Fashion. The first part featured styles from “around the world.” Writer Najma Sharifexplained the intentions behind the video in a post on

“When Islam asked for modesty, each region it spread to responded with either a head wrap that they believed represented it best or a as different styling of their cultural dress,” Sharif wrote.

“However, because of the Arabization and anti-blackness, the traditional head wraps that doubled as hijab in most African countries were not considered hijab. Turbans and head wraps that don’t cover your neck may have become trendy, as they’re worn by many hijabi bloggers and fashionistas, but their roots are wholly African.”


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