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Haitian President Vows to Bring Haiti Closer to Africa

Joseph Guyler C. Delva | HAITIAN-CARIBBEAN NEWS NETWORK   in  ·
October 2, 2014

NEW-YORK, USA (HCNN) — Haitian President Michel Martelly announced this week that his mission was to bring Haiti closer to Africa to share the solidarity values that should link African countries and Haiti he described as an extension of Africa in the Caribbean, as he met Ivory Coast leader, Alassane Ouattara, in a move to strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

Martelly, expressing his regret that former Haitian leaders had neglected relations between Haiti and African countries, vowed on Thursday to warm up such relations and develop a more active solidarity among African and Haitian peoples, as brothers and sisters.

“It’s my mission to make sure that we and Africa come closer together , because there are a lot of things we can do together and there are a lot of things we should do together,” Martelly told journalists after been hosted by his counterpart Ouattara, at a hotel in Manhattan on Thursday.

The Haitian leader said Ouattara and himself have agreed to strengthen cooperation ties between Haiti and the Ivory Coast in different fields, such as agriculture and education.


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