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“Good Spellers Have Coaches”

Daisy Nandeche | Film Kenya   in  · ·
February 1, 2015

There is a sentence that stands out for me in one of my favourite films, Akeelah and the Bee; “Good spellers have coaches.” The 2006 production written and directed by Doug Atchison tells the story of an 11 year old girl who has to overcome some very serious obstacles on her way in order to win the national spelling bee competition. Despite this little girl having the ability to memorise and spell very well, her principal at school tells her that she needs a coach, a fact that Akeelah does not really believe until later when she meets another speller who asks her who her coach is and she realizes she does not have one and it may be true that good spellers have coaches because, the boy who had just told her that was one of her greatest challenges in the competition. To cut a long story short, having a spelling coach made all the difference in Akeelah’s life in general and the spelling competition in particular because a part from helping her spell, she learnt so many other things from the coach that helped propel her to the success such as confidence in herself, proper language skills, the power that was within her to change the world and so on.


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