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Get Ready for the Stampede! The Great Migration Arrives Early in Tanzania

David Cogswell | Travel Pulse   in 
April 5, 2015

With anomalous weather patterns cropping up all over the world, nothing should surprise us, but people at  Singita Grumeti Reservesin the Serengeti plains in Tanzania were taken back to see the wildebeests, signaling the beginning of the annual Great Migration, three months early.

“There are about 100,000 on the Sasakwa and Nyati areas, the central areas of our property,” reports Singita. “They started arriving on the third of March when the guides were reporting large herds of wildebeest crossing the Grumeti River onto our property. We were all pretty astounded as they are ridiculously early. We typically expect them at the beginning of June at the earliest. We actually thought it was only going to be a couple thousand ‘stray herds’ who had broken away from the bulk, as you get that from time to time, but then a few days later huge lines by the tens of thousands were pulling in. Brad at Faru Faru said that literally all he could see from the front of the camp was just wildebeest.”


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