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Generations: Entire cast of South African soap fired

BBC NEWS   in 
August 22, 2014

Generations cast member Sophie Ndaba looks out from a Soweto billboard

BBC โ€“ The cast of popular South African soap opera Generations has been sacked after going on strike in a long-running dispute over pay and contracts.

The show’s 16 actors, watched nightly on state broadcaster SABC, were fired after resisting calls to return to work at studios in Johannesburg.

The programme will continue to air until October, while producers have indicated new actors will be recruited.

Generations follows black middle-class characters working in advertising.

It first aired in 1993, a year before South African’s first democratic multi-party elections brought Nelson Mandela to power.

The programme – known as a “soapie” – is a popular draw with ordinary South Africans, providing a source of aspiration to TV viewers…


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