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Gay Rights Activists Defy Laws in Uganda

Jamie Merrill | The Independent   in 
January 5, 2015

Gay rights activists in Uganda have risked detention by police, threats of violence and death threats to publish a new magazine sharing the stories of the country’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community.

Campaigners in Kampala have launched Bombastic to “share the realities of being gay” in Uganda, where homosexuality activity is illegal, the mainstream media is openly hostile towards gay people and the government has repeatedly tried to introduce new laws to ban the “promotion of homosexuality”.

Homophobia is rife in the socially conservative country, but the team of 130 campaigners and volunteers behind Bombastic intend to hand out tens of thousands of copies by the end of this month and have plans to publish the ground-breaking title four times a year.


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