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Fuller-Figured South African Doll Giving Barbie a Run for Her Money

Suthentira Gvender | Times Live   in  ·
April 5, 2015

Move over, Barbie, and make way for the fuller-figured Ntomb’entle.

When Johannesburg mom Molemo Kgomo struggled to find an African doll for her daughter, she did the next best thing and created her own line of “beautiful girls”.

Ten years later and Kgomo’s range, initially spurned by local toy stores, is now in demand in the US, UK and in South Africa.

The 40-something entrepreneur refused to give up on her dream even after being told that there was no market and she had to sell her creations from her garage. Her research revealed that parents were keen to move away from blonde, super-slim, blue-eyed dolls.

For Kgomo, the main purpose of her line is for girls, irrespective of race and culture, to “appreciate and see beauty in all kids and dolls”.

Johannesburg child psychologist Christine Scolari agrees.

“It is imperative that dolls represent the various ethnic, cultural and racial groups in South Africa.”


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