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From ‘Mad Max’ to Local Drama: Namibia’s Flourishing Media Industry

CNN   in  ยท ยท ยท
March 4, 2016

(CNN)Action movie “Mad Max” is charging towards the Oscars with 10 nominations in tow.

For many though, the real star of the show was not the film’s star-studded Hollywood cast — which includes luminaries such as Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron — but it’s spectacular Namibian backdrop.

The Namib desert and its dramatic sweeping landscapes provided the ideal scenery for the fourth installment of George Miller’s dystopian tale — as it has done for numerous other big-budget foreign films to be shot on Namibian soil.

Yet it’s been far less fertile ground for home-grown film-makers who can lay claim to producing just one movie — 2015’s township drama, “Katutura” — in Namibia’s 25 years as a sovereign state.


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