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Free Internet Hits Africa – Kinda

Hadlee Simons | iafrica   in  ยท
December 13, 2014

A new crowdfunding project has successfully hit its goal of delivering broadcast internet to sub-Saharan Africa.

The IndieGoGo project sought crowdfunding for a mobile receiver, dubbed Lantern, to receive (duh) content broadcast by microsatellites.

The Lantern device is solar-powered and can operate for up to 12 hours when receiving data and up to four hours when in WiFi mode.

Only 2MBs of data is broadcast per day, with the content being selected by the Outernet organisation.

Content includes news, commodity prices, weather, educational resources, open-source construction plans and emergency alerts (e.g. power outages, advice etc).

“Outernet takes the best of the web and broadcasts it from space for every human on Earth. The content we broadcast is determined by anyone who chooses to vote on the most important things to share with humanity,” read a description on the Outernet website.


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