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Free Internet for Africa in the Cards

Christopher Williams | Times Live   in  ·
November 17, 2014

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says he is determined to connect the developing world.

It is expected that a deal between Avanti and the social network, under the auspices of its initiative, will be announced soon. aims “to bring the internet to the two-thirds of the world’s population that doesn’t have it”.

Avanti, which owns two broadband satellites positioned over Africa, plans to launch two more in the next three years to increase capacity and coverage. It provides internet access over a high-frequency radio link to a satellite dish and a base station that converts the signal and feeds it into an ordinary Wi-Fi network.

According to, if developing economies had the standard of internet access enjoyed in rich countries global productivity would be boosted by 25% and 160million people would be lifted out of poverty.


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