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Fragile Namibian Deserts ‘Damaged’ by Mad Max Film Crew

Ian Steadman | Wired.Co.Uk   in  ยท
May 5, 2015

Namibian environmental groups are furious with the makers of the new Mad Max film, claiming they they’ve seriously damaged the fragile ecosystem of the Namib Desert — a region that is undergoing severe stresses as a resulte of climate change.

The Namib Desert is a vast swathe of land along the Atlantic coast, stretching from northern South Africa to southern Angola. Estimates put it at between 50 to 80 million years old, making it the oldest desert in the world, and its extremely low annual precipitation renders the plant and animal life there dependent on marine fogs for water. The infamous Skeleton Coast has claimed thousands of ships over hundreds of years. As harsh and unforgiving environment as there is, it was chosen by director George Miller as the perfect place to film his post-apocalyptic sequel.


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