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Five Key Figures to Watch in Nigeria’s Election

Aderogba Obisesan | Yahoo News!   in  ยท
March 24, 2015

Lagos (AFP) – Africa’s most populous country and top economy, Nigeria, holds general elections this Saturday — the fifth since civilian rule was restored in 1999.

Here are five key figures whose actions could shape the outcome of the vote and its aftermath.

– Goodluck Jonathan –

Nigeria’s 57-year-old leader is seeking a second term after a tumultuous five years plagued by the dramatic rise in strength of Boko Haram Islamists and a widely criticised job performance.

Critics say he has failed to tackle corruption or improve infrastructure, especially electricity supply, but Jonathan still has supporters, particularly in the mainly Christian south of the religiously divided nation.

Nigerians have never seen power change hands through the ballot since independence from Britain in 1960 but Jonathan has repeatedly vowed to respect the will of the voters.


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