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Five African Countries That Offer the Greatest Investment…

Kurt Davis | Ventures Africa   in 
June 13, 2015

Real estate remains a booming opportunity for Africa-focused investors for good reasons. The growth of Africa’s cities creates a demand for increased volumes of high-quality commercial and residential real estate.

The rise of the urban middle class drives retail property development, particularly as modern shopping malls spread across the continent.

A growing number of multinational companies are searching for office space in the newly emerging cities. The rise of regional tech hubs and an expanding oil and gas sector creates job opportunity with no place to house the employees.

Africa’s population boom is also a burdening factor on Africa’s cities. A need for mass market affordable housing, high-end properties and all in-between stems from the diversity in the multiplying populations, including middle to high-income locals and young entrepreneurial.

As an investor, these five countries offer the greatest investment opportunity in real estate (provided you find the right developer as a partner):


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