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Five African Cities and Spots Named After Women

Ehidiamhen Okpamen | Ventures Africa   in  ·
March 6, 2015

VENTURES AFRICA – Primarily set to celebrate women’s achievement in social, political and economic, observance of the International Women’s Day originated from the 1908 strike of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union. This was a call for respect, recognition and appreciation of women. Its observance has since evolved to a globally acclaimed day set aside to celebrate as well as put into perspective challenges faced by women in different sectors. This year’s theme for IWD is – Make it Happen: a call to see to the advancement of women. Here is a list by  Jovago, constituting African destinations named after historic women who have largely and in unique ways contributed to the recognition or advancement of the same.

Cleopatra’s Beach – Egypt


As wrote Plutarch the philosopher, “her own beauty was not in and itself completely incomparable, nor the sort to astound; but interaction with her was captivating and her character stimulating”. And so would every woman want to be defined! Cleopatra was the last queen of the Ptolemaic dynasty who ruled Egypt nearly 300 hundred years ago, and is said to be the last true Pharaoh. Although recognized for her willpower and strength in leadership, most artworks depict her as a feminine goddess, one whose charming demeanor and physical beauty would prove useful in liaisons and mergers.


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