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Fitness Changes with Age

Kimberly Hibbert | Jamaica Observer   in 
May 2, 2015

THE svelte bodies we have in our youth will change with age and things we would have got away with before will be unforgiving as our bodies change.

General, laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon Dr Alfred Dawes said once you have exited your 20s you have already passed your peak and your fitness as well as energy levels begin to fall.

“Harsh words, but it’s the truth. Your fitness level, energy levels and muscle to fat ratio are all governed by hormones and level of physical activity. Both tend to go down as we get older and have more work and family activities that compete for our time,” he said.

“Hormone levels fall with age and with it muscle mass and the ability to train as hard as we could in our 20s.”

He further explained that in your late 20s to early 30s the testosterone levels in both men and women peak and begin to fall steadily thereafter.


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