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Finding Your Other Half This Valentine’s Day

Cameron Cler | Yoganonymous   in 
February 10, 2016

Valentine’s Day can seem as polarizing of a topic as the Super Bowl or the current presidential race. As your single and committed friends vie for the right to despise or observe this holiday of love, I encourage you take a new stance on this celebration. Instead of focusing on your relationship status, start focusing on your relationship with yourself. Use this holiday as an excuse to pamper your better half, a.k.a. you, and practice some self-love.  By engaging in self-love in search of your better half, you will find a sense of self and confidence that will help on your journey to finding meaningful relationships with others. There’s a reason for the saying “You can’t love others before you love yourself.” Here are some steps to achieving the highest levels of self love and finding your other half within.

Love Your Own Story

The hardest we can be on ourselves is when we compare our lives to our peers, friends, family members, and societal norms. Maybe you’re nearing the next milestone birthday and feeling pressure from family or the impending biological clock. Step back and take stock of the beautiful story that has shaped your path thus far. Self-love comes from acceptance and non-judgement and a willingness to stop comparing your life to others.  Finding confidence in your decisions and life choices thus far will instill a level of trust that everything happens for a reason. Calendar time to take time for yourself and reflect on your successes and areas for growth. By gaining confidence to become your own best cheerleader you go into the world wearing your past as a badge of honor.

Trip Out

A quick way to learn even more deeply about yourself is to take a solo trip. To some this may feel extremely scary.


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