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Queer/Trans People of Color

Freely being who you are already comes with so many hurdles, but as a queer/transgender person of color, that freedom can sometimes seem like a fallacy. Caribbean Tales gives us the Short Film Challenge for queer/trans people, and allows us to witness the journey of individuals living in, and on their way to that freedom. Collectively, the writers and directors of this contest take us on an emotional and eye-opening journey in a total less than twenty minutes with their unique stories presented as documentary and experimental films.

Over the years we’ve watched the transgender community be faced with countless trials and overcome many difficulties, but we rarely get to see the ones they face from family and friends. In Peleau – Two Ingredients, One meal we get deeper into that conversation. My Truth, My Story gives us a similar conversation but from a completely different perspective. Brotherhood: The Trans Edition takes us into the lives and everyday struggles of two trans brothers. Although Esidarap takes a different approach than the others to tell its story, the effect is just as powerful.

All of the contestants did such an amazing job of taking us into these individuals’ worlds. With different methods, execution, and voices, there is a commonality found in these films: each one opens your eyes by allowing you to step into their story for a taste of their experience.

Watching powerful films usually make you want to do something, and this time you can. Pick your favorite, here, and click the like button next to your selection. Winners will be announced at the Caribbean Tales Film Festival on September 13.



    September 7, 2016