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Female Techies Share What It’s Like to Run a Business

Florence Bett | Daily Nation   in  ·
March 16, 2015

A tech business is arguably the easiest to start, provided that you have the prerequisite skills. Unlike other businesses, the starting capital is not cash, but rather your specialised skills.

‘Techpreneurs’ leverage those skills to create solutions in an increasingly tech-reliant world.

They do not have to think about overheads like rent because majority work from the free, shared and networked spaces at places like the iHub and NaiLab, the tech pulse of Nairobi, or at the office of the client, or even from home. They only need move out to their own space after their businesses are established.

They rarely need loans to finance business growth or operations because the business finances itself; the client pays first before the techie develops a solution and then he pays for implementation.

We talked to women running three tech enterprises to show us how they do it.


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