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Fact Check: How Many People Live in Africa?

Maeve Shearlaw | The Guardian   in 
October 22, 2014

‘A white farmer is killed every five days in South Africa’. ‘Earlier this year Nigerian Islamists Boko Haram burnt 375 Christians alive’. ‘The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the rape capital of the world’.

What’s wrong with these statements? They are all false.

Those familiar with the continent might just shrug off yet more myths being reported as news, but there is an emerging team of fact checkers including BudgIT and Africa Check who want to put things right.

To accompany a story in the Guardian a few weeks ago we asked you to nominate a common misconception about Africa for us to look in to in more detail.

We chose JimNolan and Wild1’s questions about population: ‘how many people live in Africa?’ ‘How many are expected to live there in the next 10, 20 and 100 years?’

Is it possible to get a definitive answer? What factors stand in the way? We turned the questions over to Africa Check to investigate.


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