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Facefood – the Facebook of the Restaurant World…

Meseret Areaya |Addis Fortune   in  · ·
May 1, 2015

Facefood is a new eatery in town with the “look and feel” of Facebook. Except at Facefood, unlike its online muse, there is a waiter that takes your order, prepares your food and serves you.

A short walk from Atlas Hotel, onCape Verde Street, the restaurant occupies the former premises of Yod Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant, near Dessalegn Hotel. The sign, on a blue background, but in a white font, different to Facebook’s, attempts to imitate the world famous social network.

Parking space is limited at Facefood and a long line of cars can be seen parked along the side street. The large number of cars is evidence that people are out and about exploring one of the city’s newest attractions. The blue and white car parked directly in front of the premises, with the Facefood logo embellished on the side, also serves as an additional attraction to passers-by. If that is not enough, then the aroma of burgers grilling in the open air kitchen should be sufficient to entice anyone inside.


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