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Exploring the Neighborhoods of Lagos

Grant Martin | AFK Travel   in 
March 20, 2015

Make no mistake: Lagos is an enormous city. Several estimates have it surpassing Johannesburg in size by 2015 to become one of the largest urban areas in the world. And much of it is poor, crowded and lacking anything of interest for out-of-town visitors. But within that sprawl, there are a few neighborhoods in Lagos where visitors on holiday or business tend to congregate, party, dine, eat and shop.


Facing south into the Atlantic Ocean, Lagos is made up of a sprawling mainland and several large islands near the coast. Victoria Island and Lagos islands are the nexus of the city, while Lekki extends east from Victoria back up into the mainland. North of the islands, the rest of the mainland pushes deeper into the continent.

In general, the populace of Lagos is shifting eastward from the mainland into Victoria and Lekki. Traveling east along the Lekki-Eke expressway you might notice a great deal of development tied to that migration. Fact of the matter is, there’s much more space to build out in Lekki, and as Lagosians rapidly enter the middle class they’re attracted to the region. Needless to say, commerce hasn’t caught up with the population in Lekki, which is primarily residential with little to see for visitors.


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