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Ex-Ebola Patient Donates Blood to Fight Virus in Ashoka Mukpo

ABC NEWS   in 
October 8, 2014

The first American flown back from Africa to battle Ebola on U.S. soil has donated blood to help U.S. journalist Ashoka Mukpo fight the virus, according to the Nebraska Medical Center, where Mukpo is receiving treatment.

Dr. Kent Brantly just happened to be traveling nearby in Kansas City, Missouri, when he received a call from Dr. Angela Hewlett, the associate medical director at the Biocontainment Unit at the Nebraska Medical Center, asking for his help, the hospital added. The 31-year-old doctor stopped to donate blood that was then flown to the Nebraska Medical Center.

β€œIt’s not a likely scenario that he would again have the same blood type,” said Hewlett. β€œWe are incredibly grateful that Dr. Brantly would take the time to do this, not once, but twice.”

The technique of treating Ebola with blood transfusions from recovered patients is experimental. In theory, the plasma fraction of the blood contains antibodies, protective factors and, in Ebola survivors, likely would contain protective factors against Ebola.


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