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Egyptian Groom Springs Isis Kidnap Prank on Bride

Patrick Kingsley | Guardian   in  · ·
March 5, 2015

The threat that Islamic State (Isis) poses to Egypt has become ever more apparent in recent weeks. Isis’s murder of 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya last month, as well as the killing of at least 30 soldiers by an Isis-affiliate in Egypt’s north Sinai desert, made the group’s once-distant terror seem much closer to home.

But while fear is a common response for many, one Egyptian wanted to laugh in the face of adversity. And he decided his own wedding was the best forum in which to do so.

In an attempt to surprise his bride and their guests, Ahmed Shehata, a 25-year-old medical graduate, arranged for relatives to dress up as Isis militants and pretend to kidnap his new wife at their wedding this week…


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