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Editorial: Boko Haram and the State of Denial

The Guardian   in 
November 21, 2014

“THEY are busy with political campaigns, while Boko Haram is killing us like chickens.” “…What our present leaders are doing is a child’s play when compared with the sins for which God punished the people of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

These emotion-laden statements from traumatized refugees verily express the state of denial which the present government has placed itself amidst the ongoing carnage, territorial occupation and the deliberate disintegration that is playing out in the terrorized north eastern part of the country.

This abhorrent state of denial was manifested variously by the recent council of state meeting, which touched on other issues but did not dwell on the Boko Haram religious criminality; and by members of the National Assembly who came straight from a recess to begin a fierce battle over party defection and ignored the havoc wreaked on helpless Nigerians by the terrorists. Even the Chief of Defence Staff, Air Vice Marshall Alex Badeh was less than forthcoming in his assessment when the insurgents took over Mubi, Adamawa’s commercial nerve-centre, over-ran the 234 Army Battalion and destroyed his Vimtim hometown. Curiously, amidst this searing ‘war’ situation, the Nigerian Army has been retiring Army Generals.


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