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Ebola in Nigeria: A Survivor’s Story

Blessing Ejiofor | UNICEF   in 
September 10, 2014

Denis dons protective gear to go see the wife inside the confirmed case ward.

When Denis was taken to the isolation ward after losing his wife to Ebola and developing symptoms of the disease, he did not give up hope. He did not even lose hope when he initially tested positive for the disease.

“I do not see Ebola as an automatic death sentence, it’s a virus like other viruses. Though it is deadly, it can be conquered with early supportive treatment,” says Denis, who is a businessman in Lagos. “Even when the laboratory results came back positive at two different times, I still did not lose hope” he says.

He said that the support he received from UNICEF Counselor Terry Howard, who has been providing psycho-social support to Ebola patients and their relatives, was a great help. “It’s important to have somebody to build that confidence in patients”.

Two weeks later, Denis had severe joint pains and was admitted to the isolation ward. “I was already prepared for it,” he says. “I told myself I will walk out of the isolation ward alive”. And he was right. A third test showed he was negative for the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).


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