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Dreadlocks No Longer Dreadful

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February 25, 2015

At the first Women in the Neurosciences conference I couldn’t help but notice the dreadlocked heads in the room, I counted five which was a quarter of the 20 or so people in the room. Even on the street, the sight of a matronly woman sporting dreadlocks is not uncommon. By all indications the style has come into its own as a hairstyle option for women as opposed to just being a statement trend.

The dreadlocks are no longer the trademark style of upcoming musicians or a drug taking rogue. From toddlers to women well over 40, to young church going men, the style has broken the belief that it is the mark of a rebel or an outward expression of the Rastafarian faith.

Enock Mbilizi, dreadlock stylist at Roy Beauty Parlour on Kimathi Street, agrees this style has gained popularity if the clients coming through his door are anything to go by. “Everyone is doing it, children, young people, women,” he says but notes the bulk of the clients who seek him for maintenance as well as those who seek to start wearing their hair in locks are women and at that the more mature ones.


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