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Don’t Bench That Dentist: A Guide to Uglish

Gregory Warner | NPR   in  · ·
January 8, 2015

You want to bench a pretty woman and launch your manifesto. Only you get bounced from her muzigo because she’s pursuing a pensioner.

In the end, you were lucky. She’s just a detoother who’s after a rich guy.

Welcome to Uglish (pronounced “YOU-glish”), the Ugandan variant of English. Bernard Sabiti has written the first Uglish dictionary (not yet available outside of Uganda, but he’s working on an e-book version for January).

Here’s how he translates the above paragraph: You want to sit down with a pretty woman for a heart-to-heart and express your deep feelings. Only you get turned away from her one-room flat because she’s pursuing one of the older white men who retire in Africa seemingly for the purpose of dating much younger women.


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