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North African Tacos Are an LA Ethnic Food Mashup That Actually Makes Sense

Sarah Bennett | LA Weekly   in  ·
June 4, 2015

At first, the tacos at Revolutionario near USC look like they could be just another one of L.A.’s modernist Mexican offerings: the barbacoa is cooked with tomatillos, the chicken is flecked with cilantro, and the vegetables are coated in an aromatic red spice.

But even before you have a chance to take a bite and realize that the barbacoa is actually marinated in pungent chermoula and the roasted cauliflower is tossed in ras el hanout, the garnish bar decked out with kimchi curtido and red and green harissa sauces (no salsa) will tip you off that this isn’t your ordinary take on tacos.


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