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Desperation Grows in the Ebola Zone

Elizabeth Cohen, Jen Christensen | CNN   in 
September 24, 2014

(CNN) — A young boy wanders through the high grass, looking lost after attending church services in Kakata, Liberia.

The child, Moses Kallie, wears a black T-shirt that’s too big for him. It reads “Trouble is my middle name.”
Trouble has certainly come into his life. He’s lost 13 of his relatives recently — his parents among them. They were all killed by Ebola. His village is a hotspot for the virus.

So far 1,578 people are believed to have died from Ebola in Liberia alone, according to the latest numbers from the World Health Organization. The country has seen a 52% of increases in cases in just the past three weeks.

That’s in large part because there is little or no outside medical help for residents who get sick there.

In Monrovia, the country’s crowded capital, doors to hospitals and clinics are shut tight, locked with thick padlocks. Many health care workers in West Africa have lost their lives due to the way the virus spreads — through contact with bodily fluids from those who are infected. On Monday, the World Health Organization urged the affected countries to give health care workers both the adequate security and safety equipment they need, as well as appropriate education and training on infection control.


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