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Dangote Bets on Africa’s Future

Friday Atufe | LEADERSHIP   in 
September 30, 2014

The renowned business magazine, The Economist, in one of its editions in 2000, described the African continent as a hopeless continent.

11 years later, 2011, the same magazine reversed itself as the cover of its December edition of that year featured an illustration of a boy flying a rainbow-coloured kite, the shape of the continent, with the title “Africa rising.”

This sums up just a little of the transformation that is taking place in Africa even though the story of Africa as a fast moving continent can only be better told by the Africans themselves.

With the perception of the west of Africa as a doomed continent, the developments within the content could certainly not be left in the hands of its traducers. This is the main reason the Pan-African conglomerate, the Dangote Group, stepped out to lead in the efforts at projecting the goods happening in Africa through the partnership and sponsorship of the Market Place Africa on the Cable News Network (CNN).


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