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D.R.C. Pro-Democracy Activists Arrested, Many Foreigners

Al Jazeera   in  ยท
March 19, 2015

The Democratic Republic of Congo has detained around 40 activists and a US diplomat at a pro-democracy meeting in the capital Kinshasa.

Activists of various African nationalities, including Senegalese and Burkinabe youth leaders visiting Congolese counterparts, were picked up at the event, which was also attended by journalists and musicians.
The US diplomat was detained but later released, according to the Congolese government on Monday.

Kevin Sturr, a USAID official with the agency’s democracy and good governance programme in Congo, was returned to the US embassy on Sunday night, DR Congo’s Information Minister Lambert Mende said.

“There are the three Senegalese and the Burkinabe and their Congolese accomplices who continue to be questioned,” Mende added. “Each will have his fate … either they will be released or put at the disposition of the public prosecutor.”


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