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Crafting Culture Through Culinary Arts Tours for Women of Color

Reagan Jackson | The Seattle Globalist   in 
April 17, 2015

For Nacala Ayele, cooking and travel go hand in hand.

“Wherever I travel I try to get in somebody’s kitchen. I’ve cooked in Ghana. I’ve cooked in Guatemala. I’ve cooked in Jamaica,” says the Seattle-native.

Last December, she left her job as a massage therapist at Hot House Spa and headed to Jamaica, the Bahamas and then Trinidad. She’s visited markets and farms and met with local chefs, learning about Caribbean cuisine and the various cultures that influence it flavors.

But Ayele hasn’t been crisscrossing the Caribbean for the last three months just for fun.

She’s cooking up plans to launch a culinary tour company for women of color.

Ayele’s love affair with cooking began at the age of four.


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