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Chale Wote Festival

October 24, 2013

The third annual Chale Wote festival in the Jamestown area of Accra, Ghana attracts artists, musicians, designers and spectators for a weekend-long event celebrating Ghana that lasts all day and night, and we see it through the eyes of visitors and a local artist.

The theme of this year’s festival is “reimagine African Folklore by creating exciting and futuristic versions of these communal stories” that will come alive on the streets of Jamestown in Accra through the art, design, dance and activities of the participants.

We will see street boxing, fashion shows on the street, art installations, live music and DJ’s, food and speak to those participating in the event to see how Ghanaians express themselves and live. An artist explains his inspiration for his work.

Chale Wote means “let’s go” — we will go inside this vibrant festival that is expected to attract thousands to help the citizens of Accra view their streets, art and selves in a new way.


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