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Cairo International Film Fest Celebrates Henry Barakat

Marwa Morgan | Daily News Egypt   in  · ·
November 21, 2014

The Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) will host a book release and an exhibition commemorating the centennial of the birth of renowned Egyptian director Henry Barakat, who died in 1997. The exhibition is scheduled to open on 9 November, the opening day of CIFF, according to a statement by the festival.

CIFF will exhibit photographs of the director and his most celebrated work, in addition to a 30-minute documentary about his life. The Egyptian film critic Magdy Al-Tayeb’s book about Barakat will also be released during the exhibition.

Throughout his filmmaking career, Barakat directed 92 films, scripted 49 films, and produced 12 films. He started off as a film editor and then worked as an assistant director. In 1942 he directed his first film “Al-Charid” (The Homeless), which depicts a story of a man who has an affair with a woman who is engaged to another man. The woman gives birth to an illegitimate daughter, and tries to keep the affair a secret. One day the truth unfolds and conflict arises between the two men.

Films by Barakat discussed several societal issues such as relationships and the fight against conservative traditions. His film also reflected moral corruption and hypocrisy in some Egyptian communities.


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