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Brewing a Beer Revolution in Africa

Roderick Macleod | BBC NEWS   in 
August 29, 2014

Oscar Olsen (right) with the Mauritian Foreign Minister Arvin Boolell at the opening of Flying Dodo Brewery in 2012

Beer may be big business in Africa, but it is a sector dominated by multinationals and Oscar Olsen is taking them on.

Hailing from the pint-sized island of Mauritius, Mr Olsen, much like the ales and lagers he brews, is not what you would expect.

For someone who calls himself a professional “beer hunter” he is surprisingly slim and fit.

He is also one of those rare people who has managed to turn a genuine passion into a thriving business.

“I learnt from my parents that you need to make your passion your job because the day you have an issue or problems, you need that passion to drive you out of an issue.”

Mr Olsen, 37, is the proud owner of Mauritius’s only microbrewery and beer house, which is aptly, and humorously, named the Flying Dodo Brewing Company.


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