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Botswana: The Best Safari in Africa?

Graham Boynton | TELEGRAPH   in  ยท
August 11, 2014

We arrived on the edge of the dry floodplain just in time. It was first light and ours was the only vehicle there. In front of us, the Skimmer pride, a group of four lionesses, two young males and a magnificently maned pride male, stood four-square in front of a herd of about 300 buffalo.

They were looking for a vulnerable animal to kill, but the big buffalo bulls had formed a phalanx around the females and the young calves, and every few minutes a bull would break ranks and charge at the lions, scattering them. Then the lions would regroup, circle and charge back.

After 40 minutes, the lionesses, led by Silver Eye, a brave, strong animal that had lost the sight in one eye in a previous fight, managed to separate a female buffalo from the herd and leapt on it. Within a finger click two more lions were on the staggering animal. Again the old buffalo bulls charged, and this time succeeded in prising the lions off the bellowing female, which managed to scamper behind the horned barrier to safety.


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