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Black Coffee Hits Coachella: 5 Facts About This DJ

April 25, 2016

By Leah Gillis

Black Coffee Hits Coachella: 5 Facts About This DJ

When South African record producer and DJ Black Coffee hit the Coachella stage this weekend, he was spreading to the Cali masses something folks all over Africa and Europe and Asia have seen in Sold Out shows; he is the sh*t.  

It seems his first set created a love affair between him and the crowd (it’s not lost on folks that on Instagram he shared he is looking for a summer spot in L.A.)

A quick scroll of his site and you will immediately note a superhero vibe; a huge talent, he is also thoughtful and smart so maybe he is (see his Instagram.)  And with his Joburg based record label Soulistic Music, he not only knows beats but business.   

Pro-tip: I saw footage of him playing the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival a couple of years ago and not only did that look like a fest to hit, but his set had us swaying as we watched the playback. So, so good.

With Black Coffee wrapping up the festival this weekend, we thought it only right to share a bit about him.

  1. Has big love for his country and gives back. He has a foundation to help disadvantaged kids start their music career.  
  2. Currently celebrating #10YearsOfBlackCoffee, he just had a remix competition with the winner announced soon. Oh, because he is him, he celebrated the milestone by getting his own limited edition Red Bull can.
  3. Among his posts featuring clips from shows and behind the scenes moments, he posts words of inspiration:  “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African proverb
  4. He’s from Durban and was born with a less, DJ centric name: Nkosinathi Maphumulo.
  5. After playing for 60 hours in 2010, he set a world record for the longest DJ set using one arm.


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