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Beyond 2014: Creating a New Cape Town Through Design

Alex Court | CNN   in  · ·
October 22, 2014

(CNN) — Abandoned workshops and empty warehouses are getting a new lease of life in Cape Town. Spaces that once housed production lines are now becoming creative hotspots for artists, designers and musicians living in a city that holds the title of World Design Capital for 2014.

This urban regeneration might be most true in one of Cape Town’s oldest suburbs: Woodstock. Visitors to the area can see the busy harbor to the north and the majestic Table Mountain to the south. But most people wandering around the area aren’t here for the views — with its craft stores, art markets, theaters and award-winning restaurants, this is a hot address for young urbanites.

Based here is also the Old Biscuit Mill, a converted building that has now become a hive of retail activity.

“When we started we knew we had made the best decision to be based in Woodstock specifically,” says Zizi Poswa, a founding partner of Imiso Ceramics, a well-known local pottery collective located at the Old Biscuit Mill.

“After two or three years we realized we’ve got to maximize on whatever we do and we’ve had a lot of customers coming from overseas to see our work. It’s been good.”


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