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BeBeautifulLA: Meet the Social Media Trifecta That’s Changing the Beauty Game

March 3, 2016

31 under 31 logo

Because black is beautiful and we all want to look at it.

With the simple words, “I AM BLAQUE AND THAT MAKES ME BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE…..”, the tumblr for BeBeautifulLA demands of it’s readers to see themselves as beautiful.

In a world that still seems hell bent on making people of all colors feel less than, this downright revolutionary act has put BeBeautifulLA on the must-check-out-daily list of the beauty and fashion industry elite.  And it has given women of all shades reason to celebrate their beauty and a place to find beauty inspiration.

Enter Shawanna Davis, the goddess glam creator of this delicious beauty and fashion site. For ALL women.

Take a peek yourself at her IG and Tumblr and I double dog dare you not to get sucked into hours of gazing. And the wonderful by product is you will feel better about yourself and ready to face the world after having done so.

On Instagram, tumblr and Twitter, BeBeautifulLA has intoxicating and drop dead gorgeous images of black beauty – from little girls to older women, and nature scenes to textures, that inspire lovers of fashion, beauty and even poetry. That’s right, because to read any of BeBeautifulLA’s mediums is to be seduced by words and images that expand the senses and make muses of us all.

Davis has been lauded by NY Mag and CosmopolitanU.K., and her reign of influence is only increasing. Which is good news for those of us that want to see more images of beauty that reflect our mirror images and ideals in the fashion industry.

Brava Miss Davis. Thanks for helping us all BeBeautifulLA.


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