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Balcony Botany

Property24   in  ·
November 19, 2014

With summer making its presence felt, most people are escaping to their gardens for a reprieve, and apartment dwellers shouldn’t have to miss out. You can easily create your own balcony garden to suit your tastes and wallet.

Even if you’re not the most dedicated gardener, you can’t deny the tranquillity plants seem to radiate, and by following our advice, you will barely get your hands dirty.

Creating your garden

According to Jean Sleigh, The Garden Genie, it is important that you know what kinds of plants will thrive on your balcony, and which won’t. It is very easy to determine this: “You need to watch your balcony over a 24-hour period to see where the sun travels, making a note of the range from gentler morning sun through to scorching afternoon rays.” She says the cooler your balcony, the lower the temperature, which will affect the type of plants you buy. This will also affect how much watering you do.

If your balcony is mostly shaded, Sleigh suggests Fushias, Falling Stars, Delicious Monster and a collection of the Coleus variety, including the Freckles, Prince and Flamingo coleus. Mostly sunny balconies are suitable for roses, lilies, aloes, sweet garlic and starry wild jasmine, to name but a few. You can always ask for advice on appropriate plants from your local nursery.


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