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Bad News for African Farmers—Your Job Is Being …

LEE MWITI | Mail & Guardian Africa   in  ·
May 4, 2015

THE growing of cereals and fibre crops are near-certainties to be taken over by robots, a new study on the risk of job losses to computerisation co-authored by Oxford University academics has found.

The report, Creativity versus Robots, written with UK-based non-profit research and innovation group Nesta, finds that these two occupations are among the least creative, and are therefore prime candidates for automation.

The two jobs, with a computerisation probability of 100% and 91.2% respectively, are among a list of those in line for automation, leaving millions of their holders looking for new ways of putting bread on their tables.

Raising dairy cattle, sheep and goats also comes in high with an 89.3% chance of computerisation, comparable with mixed farming and marine fishing – all major employers in Africa.

At the other end, jobs that require a high level of creativity, defined as “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something”, are the most loss-proof.


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