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Aph Ko: The Black, Vegan, Anti-Racist Change Agent

March 1, 2016

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To celebrate Women’s History month, The Africa channel is proud to honour 31 women under the age of 31 who are making an impact. Our first inspirational woman under 31 is a triple threat – creative, foodie revolutionary and women’s rights advocate – this twenty-something is making waves across the country. Not content to just complain about conditions she finds oppressive and entrenched in contemporary society, she creates content, community and is a catalyst for changing perceptions.
When I asked her what came first, the creative feminist or the foodie, she talked of her feminist awakening at 16, and how Angela Davis and punk inspired her path. So not only is she doing great things, she’s cool as hell.

Here’s the rundown of her current websites:

Aphro-Ism is a site dedicated to black feminist thought and critical analysis. Be prepared to learn, be provoked and be inspired.

Black Vegans Rock, which not only highlights black vegans, famous and not, but is a spot for all diverse peoples in the vegan community to gather and unite. She believes that the animal rights movement tends to be Eurocentric in it’s efforts, and is creating a different conversation. And yes, she did write the article that got famous black vegans on the map.

She’s even got her creative on, making some YouTube series highlighting hypocrisy and exclusion in academia and writing, which you can below. Her work is clearly intended to create conversation, as seen in her use of the word “kraka”.

All this work has put her on people’s radar, from us to Afropunk. She’s got a black vegan food festival in the works, as well as other ways to make the world a better place, so keep your eye on this one.


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