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Another Viewpoint on Swaziland

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May 15, 2015

Our family lived 20 kilometres from the border of Swaziland, at the Golela border post. Despite being so close, my parents never travelled there. It was a passport issue; my sister and I never had one, thanks to my parent’s dislike of paperwork. So my curiosity about the country was never satisfied. This curiosity had been fuelled by meeting kids who’d schooled at Waterford Kamhlaba, in the capital Mbabane. There was something about them that was cool, of the world. Partly it was their curriculum – they employed the British system and sat for A-levels, which I thought was terribly glamorous, and their knowledge seemed broader, somehow, than my own. But partly, I realised later, it was also because they lived in a healthier, more cohesive society, and they had a sense of feeling special somehow because of this (read our interview with Nodi Murphy on page 25, who grew up in the country).


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