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Ankara Is Now More Than an Attire for Africans

Felicia Omari Ochelle | Ventures Africa   in 
May 22, 2015

VENTURES AFRICA – A couple of weeks ago, I was skimming through Linda ikeji‘s blog–which is the most visited in Nigeria–when I came across something rather crazy but unique: a sports car customised with Ankara fabric was recently spotted in Yenogoa, Bayelsa state. The following Friday, my colleague walked into the office wearing stilettos covered in yellow and black Ankara print, and a matching bag. This, however wasn’t surprising, it is the current trend.

Over the last five years, Ankara has gone from being an attire perceived as unique to traditional Africa to becoming one of the most utilized materials in design and beautification. From beaded necklaces to phone cases, Ankara is gradually creeping its way into becoming an essential element of decoration across the continent, and beyond. So what do people find so fascinating about Ankara?


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