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Angie Nwandu is Owning Entertainment Gossip

March 30, 2016

She Created the TMZ of Instagram

Launched in 2014, The Shade Room, aka “the people’s blog”, founded by Angie Nwandu is owning social media and challenging established entertainment sites’ dominance. Breaking news and giving opinion on topics that matter to her black audience, it is written in a way that you feel like you are reading something your witty, in-the-know friend sent.

Are you kidding me with this “Girl Bye… headline lol?!

The Shade Room is Coming for the Gossip Industry’s Wig. Indeed.

Calling everyone “roomates” in the inviting way the site does, it totally lulls you into feeling like you are amongst friends and at home, which is part of the allure and why the site has grown.

All too often, when people share their brutally honest opinions, it can be misconstrued as ‘shade’. As a result, I wanted to embrace the word and redefine it. The Shade Room is really the “truth” room where myself and the readers can express our honest opinions on certain topics. – About Us, The Shade Room

This woman who grew up in foster care has taken her interest and talent and filled a void in an industry people thought couldn’t have any more players. Just check her Facebook and IG and check out how an empire is built. And have fun while you read. Honestly, just try and not have a blast while you scroll. Impossible.



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